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Gym Laurentians
Fitness center
Gym in Piemdont St-Sauveur
Our motivation: You. We want you to reach a balance,a fusion between mind and body.
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With the best trainers! They are here for you. They are attentive to your needs.
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Our motivation: You.

We want you to reach a balance,
a fusion between mind and body.

With the best trainers. They are present, for you. They are attentive to your demands and needs. They are likeable and accessible. Above all, they are qualified. Also, we have the most advance equipment, the best! It is chosen for you. We have an impressive variety of equipment and machines. All of them are high quality. But, most of all, we give them a complete and regular maintenance. We love them as much as we love you! Finally, we offer you the best center of the Laurentians! It is big, it is new and it is awesome. It offers an aerials and spacious floor plan, plenty of natural light and warmness. Primarily, it is mainly clean.

Our team promise to warmly welcome and serve you. Our priority is you: your health and your happiness through Fusion. It is a matter of balance between your mind and body. We assure you the promotion of a healthy and a balanced way of life.

We are waiting for you.
You are our top priority!

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